Friday, April 1, 2011

How to Hack a Bank Account

Security on the Internet is just a dream and you know it. If a hacker wants to do something, he or she can do it. If one system is secure and cannot be hacked, then they will steal the data of someone who has access to it, and then, do the "work" from the inside. Do you think you're safe just because some sites ask you forauthentication? Let me tell you that not even CAPTCHA is secure. Nothing is.

Have you noticed that when you want to do an online transaction the bank site asks you a lot of stuff so that they properly identify you? They go very deep with these questions. Indeed, this is a good thing, otherwise, anybody that would know a little something about you could easily get into your account. This just makes it a little harder for you to be a victim of cyber-fraud, but it does not make it impossible...

Of course, there is the classic way with the hoax site. The hackers get your data by making you visit a clone page of your bank and all the data you enter will be sent to them. But that's for gullible users, you're much smarter than that. Well, so are some hackers. Some browsers store your data, such as passwords, usernames and stuff like that. If you get infected with malware, the data on your PC will be recorded by that certain virus and sent to the hacker without you even knowing it. And sometimes you don't even need to get a virus, you just need to download some JavaScript from some page. Apart from the code that the site requires, it will also have some code that will make the hacker get access to your cookies, thus using them to transfer money, change a password and stuff like that.

It isn't easy for the average Joe to hack your account, but hackers can do it, if they strive hard enough. So what to do? Well, first thing is to be careful what you click on and the second is to deploy good security measures on your computer!


Hazriq said...

well you should publish a tips on 'how to deploy a good security measures' after this!

amit said...

ya i ll publish

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